Thursday, October 14, 2010

Through the years Thursday---Grandparents.


I am currently working on getting ALL my negatives put onto Cd's and all my old pictures scanned in so that I have a digital copy of them... saying this to say, I am not meaning to leave anyone out or mean to have more pics of one person than the other... I just picked the ones that I have ON my computer.


In honor of Grandparents Day that I completely and totally missed this year... here area  celebration of moments our family has spent with their Grandparents, again.. a very small representation!

Nennie and Matt--- July 2000

 Mom, Matt and Kaitlin  Spring 2001

Granny and Kirsten  Unsure of date but around 2003

Granny Reinhardt and Emily  April 2003

Nennie and Brian  May 1999

Grandpa and me   NO IDEA pre 1998 It was a Sudies Catfish in Pasadena.

Granny Reinhardt and Matthew  Fall Winter 2000

Granny, Grandpa and Kaitlin  Brian and Kristal's Graduation May 1999

Pa and Kirsten  2005???

Pa and Kaitlin  2002???

Ma Ma and Kaitlin  1999

Pa Pa and Kaitlin  Asian Festival Summer 2003

Christmas at Granny and Grandpa's  2003

Pa doing Kaitlin's nails  2000???

Pa Pa and Kaitlin  May 1999

Ma Ma and Kaitlin  Townhouse Fall 1999

Ma Ma, Granny and Emily  Emily's bday party March 2010

Kaitlin and Pa Pa--- property Spring 2010??

Pa Pa and Matt ----shooting range   Summer 2010

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Mommy of Two said...

Love it :) I seriously can't believe how old the kids are getting. I remember when you brought Katie home.