Saturday, October 2, 2010

Susan G. Komen Race for the CURE...

Well I did it! I understand that people run marathons and people walk 5K all the time and people do all sorts of "fitness" stuff, but I DON'T. I mean I have not, I am very overweight and although I am trying to lose the weight I have huge struggles with physical activities! So I decided a few months ago that I wanted to do this and I DID. I am really proud of myself!

I wanted to be smaller but it is all good! I am doing fine and will keep working on it! I DO know however that I can walk 5 1/2! That is a sure thing. I did that on the down side of a very serious cold AND on my second day visit from Aunt Flo (WHO is a very bad guest that day!) So imagine me at my best!

We got up VERY early to get to the race- decided to take the bus into the city to avoid parking and all that mess... I think it was the best decision!

We go there, it was SOOO crowded.. it was literally a sea of people, actually a sea of PINK!

I was really nervous to lose the kids, because mostly everyone looked the same! We got signed up and put on our race bibs- this is the FIRST time in my life I have every worn a race bib! yeah!

We got Matt, Emily and and Dave all set for the KID and Family 1K. I didn't get to see them actually race or even finish because we had to get into place for our own race. The competitive racers went next, followed by non competitive racers and finally US the walkers! There were so many people!

As we inched forward- imagine thousands of people all waiting and then a horn blowing to go but it is like no one could move! So we were literally moving forward at a snails pace! Finally as we got farther the road widened and as people spread out we could walk faster....

We walked from 45 on Allen Parkway to Studemont- Up studemont and over to Waugh, back up Waugh to Allen parkway and back to 45! It was a 5k, which is approximately 3.1 miles. But when we added in getting TO and from the race point from the bus and to and from home from the bus we are pretty sure we tracked over 5 1/2 miles!

It was loud and crowded, it was crazy and wonderful though. They said over the loud speaker that there was over 35,000 people in the race- so this doesn't include vendors, spectators, police, emergency workers and I am assuming volunteers who weren't actually racing! That is a LOT of people in a relatively small area!

Kaitlin had fun just looking at the names of the teams....

Texans for Ta- Ta's
The Juggernauts
The Boo- Bee team
Bosom buddies
Hearts for Hooters
Team Twin Peaks
Team Titties (yes, it said Team titties)
Girls for the GIRLS
Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Brigade
Real Mean Wear Pink
Fight like a Girl
Tutu's for Ta Ta's (they all wore tutu's even the men)

I cant even name them all-- some of them were hilarious!

Allison was texting while we were walking and I told her our next "race" would be texting... our team would be Texting for Ta Ta's!

It was amazing to see how many survivors were walking and just as amazingly sad to see how many people were walking IN MEMORY OF...

At the end of the race as the survivors passed by they would hold up their fingers to indicate how long they had been in remission... It was very moving to hear the numbers being shouted from the stand. One lady had been in remission for 32 years- I think it is amazing that from back THEN she has made it, and one lady had been in remission only 4 weeks!

All in all we had a wonderful, wonderful day! It was worth the hassle, the confusion, the time and yes the physical exertion! We did something and we made a difference. I love that I was a part of it and I LOVE that Kaitlin was a part of it too!

I will plan on doing it again! Hey who knows maybe by next year I can jog/ run/ walk in the NON competitive run! Wouldn't that be something!


Jennifer said...

what an amazing accomplishment!

Mommy of Two said...

I'm so proud of you! That must have been a great experience for you all. I love you!!!!!!!!!