Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God even did it for the Isaelites

So we are studying the Tabernacle and all the offerings in Leviticus during our Sunday School hour at church. So far it has been VERY interesting. I mean there is a fair amount that I have heard over the years, but a lot that that I have never studied in depth and or did not understand or see the significance in.

So this is NOT a lesson on the Tabernacle but on something my Sunday school teacher said this morning.

We were talking about the system. The system God set up for the Israelites.

They were in Egypt for 400 years. During this time all though they had their own "GOD", they adopted a lot of practices of the Egyptians, simply environment played a part in this.

After they left Egypt and set off for the Promise land... they traveled for one month and God had given instruction for the building of the Tabernacle. Understand these were PRECISE, down to type of wood, spacing between poles, amount of material...etc. Then Moses (per Gods instruction) anointed the Levites into the Priesthood and made Aaron and his sons the Priests.

photo courtesy of THE BRICK TESTAMENT

Moses preformed the first sacrifice, approximately one month after leaving Egypt. He preformed the sin offering and anointed Aaron and his sons. After they were clean they were taken into the tabernacle and stayed there for 7 days. On the 8th day they came out and Aaron preformed the sacrifice for the people.

In the Bible the number 7 represents Perfection and 8 represents New beginning. So after 7 days of perfecting them selves for the Priesthood they came out to a new beginning for Israel.

So what my Sunday school teacher pointed out was that God was setting up a new system for the Israelites, a new set of habits.

He had to push through 400 years of a lot of bad habits being formed and passed on from generation to generation.

I think breaking MY kids habits are hard!

I think I am doing the right thing by creating a system and teaching my children the system, I have to undo habits that have been in place OR not in place for 11, 10 and 7 years... not to mention my own years of bad habits. It is NOT just the kids who are being trained right now--- ME the head of the family has to be trained. (JUST LIKE AARON and his sons)

After they were perfected and came out to a new beginning for Israel it was their JOB to teach and train the Israelites in the new system.

So if it is good enough for God and the Israelites it is good enough for me...

I shall press on with my boot camp and work towards training the system...

It is good to know though unlike the priests, if I mess up the system or fail to train properly I will simply have a chore or responsibility undone, they DIED! Makes me feel more comfortable let me tell you!

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