Sunday, October 3, 2010

Political Correctness...

Has gone mad...

I am NOT a fan of political correctness. JUST call it what it is. I mean there are a few exception to the rule.. I think saying Little People is better than midget. But a lot of things are just wacky.

for example...

Instead of saying you are bald-- you are supposed to say comb challenged.
Instead of blind-- visually challenged.
Instead of white trash (which isn't nice anyway I suppose)-- Caucasian culturally-disadvantaged
Instead of fat-- horizontally challenged (yea I like that!)
Instead of body odor-- nondiscretionary fragrance
Instead of homeless--residentially flexible

okay here is the best on..



It has gone too far.  We need to just step back and look at our self.  If you are gay, I can say gay.  If you are black, I should be able to say the word black.  IF you are fat, you should definitely be called horizontally challenged- Its a keeper!

I am all for being KIND, I am all for not saying ugly slurs.  I am all for being tolerant of some things...


Why cant we just use political correctness for the important stuff and leave everything else alone!

It has stretched into something that is just ridiculous.  I mean HAPPY HOLIDAYS people, a HOLIDAY TREE...  Christmas is Christmas.  I dont expect Jewish people to say a Generic SPIN TOP.  Or to wish for a Happy Day of Candle lighting.

I dont expect other religions to change THEIR days of worship or tradition... because I am not that religion!

AKKK... Very frustrating.

So have a good day- or maybe we should say 24 hour period.


Mommy of Two said...

Thank you for making me smile today :)

Allison said...

You think that's crazy? You should take a look at the words they added this year to the oxford dictionary!