Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just keeping it real...could be wordless Wed if I didnt need to explain...

Um purge much unnecessary supplies?

This is NOT counting the map pencils they have in their school supplies on the table OR the map pencils that each have in a bag for doing school outside the home.

I blame Walmart and cheap school supplies in August.

I only have 13 glue sticks left- after I purged dried up ones!

I only have two staplers BUT two boxes of staples PLUS a zip lock back full.

I have 8 pairs of scissors (extra)--but I am keeping those!

I have two 3 hole punches --decided to keep both, don't know why!

I have about 8 hole punches but to be honest they all punch different types holes except for two. Now we wont talk about the last time I actually needed a hole punched like two small circles on button, or a hole punch that is shaped like a rectangle...( I might someday!)

I have a whole supply bag full clarify ONE SUPPLY BAG FOR EACH OF THESE

extra) markers
post it ( of ALL SHAPES, size and color)
sharpies (BUT THESE I KEEP)

Now my other obvious sickness besides map pencils...


These are again NOT including the one each child has in their "away" from home school bag.

--refilled all the ones that could be filled
--made a note of the one I have lots of refills of but NO holder (you know
so I could BUY IT... I said the word sickness right?)
--threw away the one that NEVER worked properly
--then I went to go put two in my lap book bag that I keep ready to USE (I have all the supplies for a lap book in a bag so that I could just start working on it one day without having to DO any work- or I could grab it to take somewhere if I needed to.) BUT when I went to put the two of the mono dispensers in it I found THIS...

Did I SAY sickness....???

So I didn't end up throwing that much away honestly BUT I did get them all back into ONE spot instead of having supply bags all over the house in different areas. So instead of having three bags of markers I have one, instead of having staples in my room, the school room and in the extra supply box I have them all in the extra supply box (novel concept, huh?)

I am not very good about purging "extra" supplies but I suppose with the TONS of purging I have already done and the fact that they are all organized in ONE place makes it better and I will be accepting of my non purged status.

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Brenda said...

Matt's face is awesome.

hey, we could use some map pencils over here. Really.