Sunday, April 10, 2011

Emily's last meet of the season--- Mini Olympics

This was Emily's last meet of her season. She has 6 more weeks of gymnastics and we are taking a break for the summer-- for both our time constraints and our pocketbook. :)

But she was excited to participate in one last meet! It was held at her gym and it was called a Mini Olympics- although it had a luau theme.. I don't get it but whatever! :)

She was very excited because the shirt lists her name on the back! 

I know the last one is fuzzy.. but I like the motion! 

This was her dismount-- a round off, off the side of the beam, sounds big but it is one of the first dismounts you learn.  She does a round off much better off the beam than she can do on the ground?  I don't know why.

Receiving her award---- always fun!  That is her Coach Keri right behind her, I cannot begin to express how amazing she is with Emily!  I am praying that when we come back in the fall (assuming we do I guess) that she will still be Emily's coach!

and one last stick it for Mommy's sake!  :0)

We will miss gymnastics, but we have been going for a full year now and we just need a little break.  I am thinking when we go back in the fall unless her vision problems make grand advances- among other things... that we will keep her back a level which is a little cheaper and just allow her to have fun and not focus so much on learning her skills but just doing what she loves.  There are some skills that she just isn't showing much progression in and the more levels you go up the more expensive it is... so we can still keep learning and practicing at a less expensive rate.  Which is just fine with us... but I guess we will decide for sure in the fall.
The kids are all three starting swim team next week--- so that is new for us!  It will be an adventure!  So we will be dual (swim, gymnastics and tap) sporting it for a few weeks, but then it will be all three kids in the same thing, at the same time... so that will be nice!


Mommy of Two said...

She looks so good!

Swimming should be fun :)

Lisa said...

Way to go Emily!!

How neat that your kids get to be involved in great sports like that!