Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up--- Week 36


This week we are getting back on a better schedule- I am trying to wake up earlier and that is helping a lot!  The house is clean from having Easter here yesterday!  So nice to start out the week with everything all clean... I am going to wait a while before I start a new project- if I can help myself!  I need a little normal, a little routine and a little just every day stuff! 

We got school started....

Math- just plugging along

Bible- the kids did review cards and then we read more about Elisha

History-- simply going over review cards

Science--- We will be starting Apologia- Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day next week (May 2).  I am using this whole week to get ready for it.

Spelling--- we are working on All About Spelling--- we are reviewing all the "rules" from the last book this week and starting our new book next week.  I don't know why I can't just DO spelling!  But I got determined with science and got it done--- so I will do it with spelling too!


Kate- is being allowed to read her Heartland Series
Matt- started a bio on Jesse James

Emily-is reading an Animal Ark--she is resisting reading anything other than simple books so I am trying to simply interest her in some chapter books so it looks like a little fluff is needed for a while!
Kate worked on Scripture Ty per

and Matt and Emily played Ty per Island.

We watched The Magic Flute- in English (well some of it was in English, but we got through it and the kids enjoyed the music).  This week we will finish up Mozart and next week start a new composer.


Math- just plugging along!

Bible-more Elisha

History- review cards-- tomorrow we have a big history day though!

Spelling- review of spelling rules


Kate- still reading Heartland
Matt- Henry Reed, Inc.

Emily- Pilgrims Stories (off our book list- she has had it read to her but is reading it for herself right now)

Matt had an appointment with the ENT today- it was a re check from 3 months ago.  His tonsils are still REALLY large and with his snoring and dark circles and odd sleeping habits we are going to do a sleep apnea test in May.  


We spent most of the day at Bayou Bend for their Early American Colonial Day...

We were able to see a portrait done by John Singleton Copley in Ima Hogg's house... so that was a neat tie in for the kids!

The kids did do math also, but that is it!


Math- Kaitlin was able to skip ahead a lesson for rounding, but we are still going back and forth having some issues with division--- she just seems to be confusing herself!  So we are just going to print out a few more practice pages for additional work.

Bible- We are at the story of Joash--- which I cannot honestly say I remember much of!  In fact I don't know if I remember it at all.

History- I had the kids write 5 sentences about things they learned at Bayou Bend yesterday. 

Here is Matt making his journal at Bayou Bend yesterday, he choose to write his sentences in his journal.
We also started in on all the books we have for the Midwestern states!  We looked at some of the
  tornado damage in a lot of the Midwest states of the past couple of weeks.  We watched parts of
 Twister the movie- to see the destruction and talked about tornado warnings now vs. what happened
  in the 1700's and early 1800's.

Spelling- still reviewing spelling rules but actually started Step One today!  Whewww.


Kate started Calico Bush

Matt is still reading Henry Reed, Inc.

Emily is still reading Pilgrim Stories

The kids played Rush Hour and did a few Mind Benders today also!


I do not know that my children know ANYTHING about the said Royal Wedding, but I guess I should touch on it!  So in honor of the Royal Wedding today we all had a tea party! 

We colored the British flag and made royal crowns! 

 Here are a few other craft ideas...

We did our handwriting for the day on a Royal Frame...

and we watched Royal Wedding for fun!

It however is not a national holiday for us here in the Americas... my kid does still have to do math and everything else!

History-- while touching on the wedding and celebrating in all the realms-- we shall remember today that we are NO long a part of the realms of Britain!  We will continue our study of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
 Daddy left for a work trip- yuck!  We have a full Saturday though so I guess I will be too busy to miss him!  Nah!

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