Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up--- Week 34


I think Kate is over her math hump, I printed out a bunch of worksheets over the weekend for extra practice before we allow her to move on.  I think if she continues doing well with them we will start the next lesson--- I always feel a little stress moving on, because if she DOESN'T have it, there is always a problem down the road. 

We are working on measurement-- we started working on it last week but then got busy so we are putting stuff in practice this week!  I will do a whole post on our measurement unit study....

We started our last science chapter!  WHOO HOO.  --- Growth and Development.
All we have done so far was read the chapter and some copy work.

Emily started cursive-- she has attempting it for a while and just copying Kaitlin so I thought, why not! I printed out these worksheets from Copy Scribe- Colonial Times and Westward Ho. and away she went! I need to also print out a few pages of HOW TO for some letters, right now I am simply helping her form them and teaching as I watch her write. The hardest thing for her seems writing at a slant verses up and down.  I had her turn the paper more, we talked about it and I showed her again and again.  Any thoughts?

We are about done with the memorization in our CURRENT file, I need to add some new ones soon!  I would like to video them saying their stuff, but have a hard time loading any video to blogger!

In Bible we have finished up Solomon, and are moving on to Elijah...

We are continuing our Mozart study--- here is Kate's portrait of Mozart! 

Here is our lap book we have been working on...

In art we used DRAW WRITE NOW to work on a picture of George Washington learning down praying by his horse... Matt was pretty frustrated, but soon changed his tune and just worked at it for a while.  Kate of course is in her element and Emily lost interest after drawing the horse!  :0)

Matt in the car playing my IPhone, waiting for art to be over...


We did:


Science- crossword puzzle

Bible- Elijah being fed by ravens...

afterwards I lost any and all motivation we had!


Math- Kate went on to her next lesson.. YEAH!  Sigh of relief!

Emily started a new cursive page... slant issue is maybe getting better as she is aware of it!

We finished up Elijah for Bible and watched a movie on King Solomon's Temple being built.

We made home made biscuits that were NOT good, any suggestions or recipe's....?

We worked on Science for a little while, but had to stop to leave for history

History-- we did a review of the articles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Again little motivation today! 


We NEEDED to start out our day watching Tangled.  It was imperative to my children's well being.  Which was just as well... since I caught up on laundry and some cleaning.  But after lunch we buckled down. We accomplished a lot, which was good as the rest of this week has been mostly a bust!


Bible-We went back over our stories for the week and copied a verse. 

Language-- we caught up on FLL but not FLL 3, we also did Writing with Ease. 

Art: learning about Thomas Jefferson and his love of architecture.  He was a huge fan of Roman/ Greek architecture and loved arches.  We attempted to make arches to NO avail, hopefully daddy can help us tonight!

Science- we finished filling out what we had learned in the chapter.  The kids have a movie to watch tomorrow and a science class next week and we are DONE!  Whoop, whoop!  In the course of our talk today Emily inevitably asked some questions that led to sperm, pe*nus and egg talk.  YES, I know.  After I was done, she said, "That is just plain wrong!"

I barely contained my laughter.  I reminded her that it is how God made us and there is nothing wrong about it... but I guess in the eyes of an 8 year it is JUST PLAIN WRONG.

I have these books which each child will read (with me)according to their age level.  Kaitlin has already read her level, but even thought we have had the talk with Matt (a while ago)  and NOW Emily... they will read their own. God's Design for Sex.  Books 1-4

History- the kids are simply reading their books this week.  I am also going through their Light and the Glory activity book and making sure everything is completed- minus the color sheets, we wont make them do that.

We also worked on the Preamble and reviewed the Bill of Rights.

I have a BUNCH of books coming to me from the library!  I have like 19 on hold-  I really don't know what they think about me there!  We are buckling down on our state study.. I am using these two books plus one I haven't finished going through--- for books on each state.

Read and Write Across America studying the 50 states through Literature...

Exploring The United States Through Literature...

We are doing Midwest states first!  I thought about doing a passport through the states, a lap book for each state, note booking.... CANT decide.  Any ingenious ideas?  I just want them to get a feel for what is in each state.  They should KNOW that corn is grown in IOWA, that Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota, that Abe Lincoln came from Illinois- although he was born in Kentucky!  So we are going the living book way and LOTS of movies I think!

Any and all book or movie suggestions are appreciated.  I will just keep a running list going!  I also like the idea of doing a "dish" from that state-- it gets the kids trying new things!  I want to be done with our entire state study by NEXT May, so I have less than 13 months.  I need to have it all planned out though! 


We accomplished so much today---


The kids did two math lessons.

Then I forced them all three outside in the backyard- which weirdly enough I NEVER do.  And that was basically our day!

Oh we cleaned, but I ran out of laundry detergent and PLEDGE so I guess we gotta go to the store!

Hope you all have a more productive week!!!


Mommy of Two said...

Very busy week!

The cursive slanting issue should work out on it's own. I know a few people who write up and down with cursive and it still looks really nice. She just has to get used to it and find her own style :)

Brenda said...

#1. I want to borrow the sex books.
#2. You should make a 50 states notebook. has some great little color sheets, believe it or not. But I think you should keep the UNITED states together in one book!!! :)

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! What a drawing of George Washington! We'll be doing Sea to Shining Sea (Draw Write Now) next year. Is that the one? I'll be combining it with US History. Thanks for stopping by my blog!