Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap up-- Week 35


Last week-- do we need to talk about that? Me with all my lack of motivation? How about we don't and we just move on?

Okie Dokie!

So this week...


My mom came over to help finish painting.

The kids got started on independent work though so we got a good start!



Kate and Matt had a  writing assignments:

Matt's Lego project where he picks 20 bricks, builds something and then writes a minimum of 7 sentences about it.

Kaitlin is working on her IEW... we having worked on it for almost two weeks so we gotta get back to it!  She did her vocabulary quiz-- we need to spend more time on vocabulary!

The kids started watching Chariots of Fire but we stopped it-- they were totally not interested!

We are done with science but did make these stand up skeletons-- the kids had fun and you REALLY had to follow directions!


We did math-  I graded Emily's and on one easy problem 7-4= she actually put 3 or 4.  I have ZERO explanation on that!

I pushed Matt ahead one lesson because all he is having an issue with is the measurement.

Matt rewrote his paper.

The kids did handwriting..

We did our bible lesson--- there were whirl winds! 


We also read The Legend of the Easter Egg

 and started a lapbook--- it is a cute book  and takes place in the same town as the Legend of the Candy Cane.  We also made coffee filter eggs!

We also made Resurrection Rolls.

We went and met TRUCK  PAPA for his birthday!!!



History review cards-- because we have no history class this week. 

The kids also played the Presidents game

We also begin reading about Elisha and his ministry....


I decided to have a teacher in service day!  So we had a guilt free NO school day! 

I got a fair amount of printing done and worked on organizing the school room a bit more.  IT is NOT completely how I want simply because I am waiting on buying a few things money wise-- but we are getting MUCH closer. 

I have been wrapping my head around curriculum choices for next year-- which really isn't so much "next year" but as we finish up each subject.  I am trying to not over analyze some things I had trouble with this year. 

I will say this that I am over calling myself a "certain" type of home schooler.  I don't want to call myself a classical, Charlotte Mason, eclectic etc type home schooler.  I think I am JUST a home schooler.  How about that?  Otherwise I feel guilty if I choose X curriculum OR I feel guilty because I am not teaching the way THE WELL TRAINED MIND says too.

I have a goal.  IT is not education.  I mean my children are being educated.  They are learning and growing... but education is NOT the main reason I home school.  It is to grow my children.  It is to be there to be a part of God molding and shaping them.  Not simply education. 

I care whether they can spell, but not as much as whether they are kind.  I care whether they can divide but not as much as if they believe.  I care that we learned about the human body, but not as much as I care that they KNOW they were fearfully and wonderfully made by the CREATOR.

So one thing I know for sure is that next year we will be putting more emphasis on Bible.  We will be putting more emphasis on what HIS WORD says and we will be worrying LESS about what the world says to teach! 

This was a good week--- I feel like I am bringing all my thoughts together after coming out of my fog!  I feel like of course I CAN STILL change my mind a million times but for now... I feel ready. 

As you round up current school year (or school period) what are you deciding about for next year?


Hubbie is home and we are cleaning house and working on things around here.  We might head off to the park later, but first we must dye the SPRING SPHERES!  :0)

Have a blessed Easter Weekend....

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