Thursday, April 14, 2011

Helping each other across the miles...

I have plenty of people in my life who do not understand blogging. They just do not get that I would be "friends" with people or share my innermost thoughts on the world wide web. Thankfully my husband understands and even encourages me!

Over the past two days, a fellow blogger- Tristan from Our Busy Homeschool did a post based on some questions I asked in comments. They have really helped put some things in perspective and I feel like things I have been struggling with are being righted! Maybe I am coming out of the fog!

Teaching Them All Together When They Are All Different

Learning As a Family continued

I LOVE the blogging community.  I love that we can help and encourage each other and lift one another up.  I think you are all amazing and I count you as blessings in my life!


Lisa said...

I went and read her post, and it was very helpful! Thank you for sharing it.

I agree with you about the blogging community, and I count you as a blessing as well!

Tristan said...

((HUGS)) I know exactly what you mean. So thankful for the internet!