Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kitchen redo...

So we-( my mom helped) painted the kitchen today. We got like 75% done and will hopefully finish up tomorrow!

All my before kitchen shots are actually on my other laptop and I can't get to them, so I did take one shot when we first started painting!

At first it looked AWFUL, but after a second coat I am much happier!

I won't get everything done that I want to this week but I am working on it!  At least the "BIG" painting is out of the way-- I might still paint the window wall the blue color but I am really liking how it is right now! 

Yes, this is my boob!  But please NOTE I am up painting on a ladder.  A high ladder because we have 12 foot ceilings, and I was reaching over and you will see how far I GOT on the next picture!

I got Rocky Road ice cream for a PRIZE for doing such an awesome job and MOSTLY without my husband who was too busy off shooting THIS.

You know because we are all about home defense.......


So future plans...

I am going to use a damask print valance over the window. 

I need to repaint all the trim and the cabinets, but it isn't happening right now!  I am happy enough to just get rid of the yellow!

and we are taking off the cabinet doors and I have some baskets for the bottom shelf!

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