Wednesday, January 25, 2012

American History: weeks 27-30

We are well into the Civil War now. Between Thanksgiving, Florida, Christmas and of course moving...we are behind our schedule! But it is all good. The kids are learning a TON and that is what we want to see happen.

Topics, battles and main ideas we have studied over the weeks:

battle fronts
Union/ confederacy way of naming armies and battles
Bull Run/ Manassas
Union capture of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson giving them major water ways
Shiloh defeat
enlistment/ conscription acts
African army enlistment
woman in war
Clara Barton
Battle of New Orleans
Stonewall Jackson
Robert E Lee
6/7 battle- McClellan's failure to capture Richmond
Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)
Antietam Creek
Battle of Fredricksburg
Emancipation Proclamation

Okay peeps--- OUR book lists

We are not all done with these but will be done with them within the end of the week.

We are in the middle or reading Little Women.

Matt and Kate are finishing Sing Down the Moon (actually they finished the book but are doing a unit study on it)

Rifles for Watie

Across Five Aprils

Abraham Lincoln: In His Own Words

Red Badge of Courage

Billy Yank and Johnny Rebel

We have also perused but not read all of these books:

Unconditional Surrender  U.S. Grant and the Civil War

We are ALMOST to Gettysburg....we are chugging along!  If only we could find a way to keep all the generals and leaders of each side straight!  I mean the main ones of course--- but the others... we keep going over it.  In the long run I know it is not important but.... one thing they will not forget for a while is this.

After Antietam Creek which was the bloodiest battle of the war- McClellan (Union) allowed his army 3 weeks rest, just to re coop, repair stuff, mend bodies, hearts and spirits.  Most likely a good plan.  But Lincoln, in his haste to move on sent a note asking McClellan...

"If the general did not want to use the army, he would like to borrow it for a while."

Soon after McClellan was ordered to hand the army over to General Burnside-- who caused even bigger problems for the Union and HE was ordered to hand the army over to General Joseph Hooker who was Burnsides BITTER RIVAL.  



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