Friday, January 20, 2012


Okay- stealing from one of my FAVORITE BLOGS... Lemonade Makin Mama!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Currently loving... all the teal/ turquoise/ MY COLOR stuff at Target right now!  It is affordable or at least in my saving range and that makes me love it!
Currently listening to... Cyndi Lauper- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun---- sorry but Pandora is set on an 80's station right now- YES, I am THAT person. 

Currently reading... Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst and Little Woman with the kids as read aloud.
{insert--Richard Marx- Right Here Waiting}

Currently waiting ... to know what the BILLs are going to be in the house for us.  I mean we have an idea from mom and dad but more people and different companies... just itching to know!
Currently excited about... the fact that drinking only water isn't bugging me IN THE LEAST.  It is a God thing because.. well you know how much I love Sonic coke,tea and if course COFFEE right!  But it has been FINE.  I am not even having caffeine withdrawal headaches! 
Currently missing... my little house, and just a little bit  my "hood".  I loved living in the Heights.  I miss driving through... not enough to not LOVE all my room, but still just kind of miss it.  Also I REALLY miss Dave being home for lunch and stuff.  :0(
{insert-- The Bangles-Walk Like An Egyptian    REALLY You don't dance when this comes on!}

Currently trying... routines and schedules... slowly building on them.  Glad to be getting back in the swing of things, and it feels good to have routine.
Currently working at... making better food choices.  Not so much in what I always choose but also in quantity.  all in moderation right!
{insert--Crowded House- Don't Dream It's Over}

Currently enjoying... Pandora and Netlix on the TV in the living room... {{{sigh}}} such a luxury. 
Currently snacking on... nothing but I had some baked Cheetos earlier with Emily.  yum.
{insert--REO Speedwagon - Take It on the Run   not my favorite but love Reo Speed Wagon I mean they did give us Can't Fight This Feeling!}

Currently using..."Bar Keepers Friend" cleaner for some deep cleaner and wow-- it works and is cheap!
Currently wearing... jeans, polo-- SHOCKER!
Currently planning...four field trips, a trip to Dallas, 6 weeks of school plans (that SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRST ON THE LIST), my next crafty creation! 

Currently needing... ohhh let me count the ways.  trash cans-  I used to need 5, now I need 9.  paper towels-- ALWAYS need paper towels! 
{insert--Modern English- I Melt With You   love the accent and I always sing it with the accent too}

Currently learning... to just take a drink of water.
to say yes.
to take a breath before I speak. (ha)
to look for ways to be helpful
and to reach out.

Currently wishing... that I had bought a more neutral couch.  Also that all the shelf heights in the school matched. Oh and world peace-- gee whiz!

{Insert---Okay- Beat It- just came on [smile]}
Currently doing... organization of the school room -post move  all the boxes are unpacked, but I moved a lot of bookcases and stuff around trying to make things more workable-- actually to keep it real I needed a place to hang my ALL About Spelling board on the wall.  :0)

{insert-- Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the Heart.  I love this song}
Currently praying for...for patience, for a particular child/ parent thing, for a family member, for the right candidates to be picked....and for wisdom.

Currently dreaming of... my house being all in order, my finances to finance themselves and for food to NOT be such a big deal.
{insert--Journey- Open Arms}

{{{my dirty little secret is out.. I am a lover of 80's music}}}


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