Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Sum Up-- day 84-88


Without rain to change the "normal" Monday plans I got a taste of how it will be... it will take some tweaking but I think I like it.

 I was able to start Matt on an all week project of a unit study of Sing Down the Moon

We also started his new Math U See Delta--- He is going to FLY through this for a while and I am going to let him!  I am giving him the test right now and as long as he gets 100% we are moving right into the next lesson so basically a week into one day.  SO like I said FLY for awhile. 

Emily started Gamma... she is excited about multiplication-- and will be until she actually has to LEARN IT ALL.  :0)   We started her chart and she is thrilled to already know the 0's and 1's!  She actually knows more than she thinks because she learned a lot with Matt but she doesn't KNOW she knows it.  So I think it will be pretty easy for her as far as the memorization of the facts- and we will go as slow or fast as she needs to go.

I am using these worksheets and these and this for extra practice each day for ALL the kids--- plus flash cards. Here are some games.

and of course the Math U See drill page

Kaitlin needs to start Epsilon but they are back ordered--arrrggg.  So I have her reviewing multiplication facts right now which NEVER hurts her!

Also on Monday I had Emily do Rod and Staff  reading and we did her English-- we started with a review, which was great since we haven't done it for a while!  I had her read aloud- I need to do a lot more of this! 

Then we left for history and Mom had a lesson on cowboys in the old west...


We read of chapter of Little Woman, math, history worksheets, Bible devotions, English, All About Spelling and PHYSICS----with our wonderful science partners the family revised (neither of us took pictures-- great bloggers that we are)

Whewww FULL Day!


We read Little Woman, did math, Bible devotions, English and then we worked on the house-- because it is still bothering me A LOT.  The kids read- and got new reading assignments. 

We were gone ALL day for a field trip, but we learned a lot!

We had a class on animal training- where we learned the difference between teaching an animal "tricks" and training animals to do things in order to get certain behaviors (i.e. to stand on hind legs to check stomach and front paws).

Also a class on the rain forest and where different animals live in each level of the rain forest.

 The last class was the physics of flight-- the kids got to learn about what allows a bird to fly- shape of wings, and how the tail feathers help the birds slow down (drag) and a lot of other physics principles.

 LOADS of learning.  We also went through the aquarium

 had a wonderful lunch with friends and road rides!  IT was a great day!


We did math, read Little Women, did Bible Devotions, worked on reading assignments, drew and worked on pictures and descriptions of our science experiments from Tuesday...and then worked on the house some more... because YES, IT IS STILL BUGGING ME.  But it is getting there-- truly!

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Hey, I have Epsilon if you want to borrow it.