Friday, January 6, 2012

Word of the year (2012)....

Okay everyone in the whole entire blog-o-sphere is picking a word for the year, well, maybe not everyone! Anyway, I decided I shall play a long because it does truly seem beneficial to me. Our school motto this year was Do everything you do to the Glory of God with this Steven Curtis Chapman song as our theme song--

and I love it! So with going with that them I think I will simply choose DO.


DO say yes to my kids.
Do the things on my planning list.
Do give.
Do be kind.
Do save.
Do make amends.
Do love people.
Do set a standard.
Do live up to the standard.
Do share His love.
Do shine.
Do train my children.
Do be a wife to my husband.
Do stay on track.
Do let my yes, be yes and my no, be no.
Do be honest.
Do be friendly.
Do be active in church and activities.
Do forge into the unknown even though it scares me.
Do be wise with money.
Do help others.
Do cook most meals at home!
Do chores and errands when they need to be done.
Do (not) procrastinate.
Do spend time with my family.
Do meet my kids needs.
Do make time for special things.
Do spend less time doing unimportant things.
Do pray.
Do thank God.
Do please Him.
Do read and learn.
Do teach my children.
Do accomplish tasks set before me.
Do pick up my cross daily.
Do learn something new.
Do not be afraid.
Do trust God.
Do let things roll off my back
Do be more easy going.
Do (not) allow anxiety to rule.

Do. Do. Do.

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