Monday, January 23, 2012

Project 365-- Week 3-- Day 15-21

Sunday day 15--repost just to NOT mess it up further.. closet fix up- after.

Monday day 16--
Kirsten reading about how cowboys dress at history on Monday-- while decked out cowboy style!

Tuesday day 17--
Family Game Night-- Our new FAVORITE game Hedbanz

Wednesday day 18--
their new pastime...comics.

Thursday day 19--
jelly fish @ the Downtown Aquarium.

Friday day 20--
I will miss the days when army men no longer cover my table.

Saturday day 21--
okay it's not a pic but I couln't have done anything but filmed this right!  Kate and Emily are in there!

Okay I am going to HAVE to get better at taking a picture every day!

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