Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 89-93


I allowed Matt and Emily ONE hour of Wii play from 9-10 as I did laundry and cleaned off the school desk, so at 10:10 we started school.  Matt and I had to discuss that his ASSIGNMENT for Sing Down the Moon wasn't done.  It was the first time to give him all week for something and apparently we need to work on it.  I have printed out an assignment sheet for it so he can check off some each day of school--- we shall see.

Both Matt and Emily had a writing assignment today-- Matt's went fine but Emily's were TEARS, defiance and non cooperation- after a consequence and a call to daddy... all was well and the assignment got done.  She had to take a story out of the BIBLE and retell it in her own words.  SHE FREAKED OUT.  But like I said once it was done, she had done a great job.

But that took a junk of the morning!

Emily did her reading curriculum.

They both played multiplication games online.

Matt did a Delta Math U See lesson

Emily finished up the money workbook that I had already started her on a few weeks ago... so now she will fully focus on multiplication!  Let me reiterate that I think this will go fast for her.... I hope that it does.  I don't want multiplication drama ( says me with a pleading voice)

Emily did  skip counting worksheet also.

Matt did our devotion and his Dave Ramsey devotion.

He also worked on his Sing Down the Moon unit.

After Kate got home we worked on our history worksheets, picked an assignment for the next lesson and picked a new book to read.

We also read a chapter in Little Woman.

AND WE SURPRISE_ SURPRISE worked on the school room!  :0)


We started a little late-- I was really tired this morning ( Brenda I have no pregnant excuse!)
We started with talking about 1 Corinthians 13: 3-6
(the kids later used it in an English assignment for abstract nouns-- I love when things LINE up!)

We did our Dave Ramsey devotionals and listened to The Super Red Racer a book on tape from Financial Peace Jr.

All the kids did English.  Emily acted liked she had never heard of a predicate while we were doing practice out loud but then she diagrammed them all in like seconds!  What is up with that!  She even diagrammed the "(YOU)" command without being prompted! 

We did online math drills and we played math bingo.  This led to us playing two rounds of Lego bingo because I am trying to be a YES mom. 

We went through our Physics journals and wrote all the answers to the pages we had skipped to just get everything up to date, don't know why we hadn't done those 5 pages, but I counted it as our review time so it worked out.  We read our next chapter and found out that by chance that one of the scientist we learned about was a creationist scientist.  Kate asked if James Joules was French and since google is my friend... I googled him and found an amazing article.  So we read all about Mr. Joules and his beliefs... wonderful!

On another occasion, Joule wrote that “the phenomena of nature, whether mechanical, chemical, or vital, consist almost entirely in a continual conversion . . . into one another. Thus it is that order is maintained in the universe—nothing is deranged, nothing ever lost, but the entire machinery, complicated as it is, works smoothly and harmoniously . . . the whole being governed by the sovereign will of God.”1,8

All the kids are working on reading their current books.

We read another chapter in Little Woman.

Emily did her Rod and Staff Reading.

Tomorrow our SCHEDULE wall goes back up!  Actually a "replica" of our schedule wall is going back up because I want it smaller!   Yeah! 


We started a little late again because mamma can't get her act together-- I am not sleeping again at night (meds are having ZERO effect) and well put two and two together.. couple that with only drinking water and well I am tired. 

Anyhoo.  We started at 10:00. but left to go get Kate's math book we are borrowing from a friend before the sky opened up and the rains fell from the HEAVENS!  We barely made it back!

The schedule wall is up... WHOOP WHOOP. 

It will take a few days to acclimate to it again plus one of our laptop chargers has still not been found so it messes up two kids doing TWO things at once--- GOTTA find THAT CORD!

We did Bible.

The kids did typing and math drills online. 
Matt and Emily did math and KAITLIN did math because my awesome friend BRENDA let us borrow their math book till I can get Kate's (it is currently back ordered).  We don't have the student book but we shall muddle through!  There are online worksheets for most of the chapters. 

Kate and I played Fraction dominoes.  Just getting her saying all the different 1/5s, 2/8s, 3/6s....

Emily did Rod and Staff.

All three kids did English-- nouns, nouns and more nouns!

They did their 30 min Wii exercises!

We worked on some organization charts and making things run a little better at the house-- so that took up some of our time.  Things ARE getting organized REALLY!

And that was our Wed!



oh well. 
I picked up my dry cleaning. 
I deposited checks.
I got my van washed and vacuumed it out. 
I returned my library books so my ONE of my fines (Harris County) is down to 100.00 now.  {{{sigh}}}

I went and had dinner at my moms.
I took the kids to Mardels so Kaitlin could spend a gift card she got for CHRISTMAS a month ago! 
I also picked up a G.A. Henty book for Matt-- gonna see if he is ready.
I socialized with other home school moms and I socialized my kids!

I guess all is well with the world-- we will pick up spellin' and math learnin' tomorrow!


Well as I woke up with ONE more child than I normally did... but who knows when she comes to Mrs. Carrie's house she does what we do-- school went on!  Poor Emily thought there would be no school.. Bah- ha-ha-ha....{{{insert maniacal laughter}}} They think a little thing like an extra kid is gonna stop me!

We got up and because I had two small blond children begging for pancakes that they wanted to cut out shapes with cookie cutters (that I stupidly left on the counter and gave them the idea for) we had pancakes!  They cut and sprinkled and ate to their hearts content...

Next we started school... we begin with Bible and going over 1 Cor 13: 4-7 and our Luke reading about Simeon, Jesus in the temple and did some worksheets.

We read a biography on Albert Einstein...

The kids all practiced math drills online and played Typer Island.

Kate and Matt did English-- a lesson that brought Kaitlin to tears.  Poor. Girl.  English makes me feel that way too.

We did some mental math questions.. which my kiddoes rocked and I need to find harder ONES.  We will switch between the mental math questions and logic activities.

Matt and Kaitlin worked on their Sing Down the Moon unit study and they each have a page or two for tomorrow and they are done-- I think it was more work than I thought or I didn't plan enough time for them... gotta think the "assignment" giving out a little better.  I think I will copy all the pages and put them in a folder and then assign each page a day....

We worked upstairs... now we can walk into the closet upstairs-- I didn't manage to take much out but was able to at least rearrange it better to get in and out of it.  After we set up another set of shelves in the attic space we can clean out that closet better, but we gotta move the stuff in the attic.... EVERYTHING HAS TO HAPPEN FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN!!! ARRGGGG.

I left the kids (Matt and Kate) alone today for about 15 minutes -- it was the first time here in Pasadena.  I knew that I would I just had to work back up to it!  Hard Momma stuff!

Lets see is that ALL???  I think so.  I would say over all we had a pretty good week!


We shopped for dresses for the girls to wear to the Father/ Daughter Valentines Dance...

Dave mowed the lawn so that we aren't THOSE people.  ;0)

We worked on the house.

I went to Hobby Lobby.

Matt bought the game RISK-- and is totally excited about it!

We went to bed.

That is all.

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Brenda said...

I think that sounds like a VERY productive week!! Do you type this up as the week goes or do you remember this stuff? I can't remember what I did at the beginning of last week!