Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 365--- Weed 2 Day 8-14

Monday- day 8
Yes, yes I do think it is normal to walk out of my room and see this.  Don't you?

Tuesday- day 9
a picture of pictures... my pretties.

Wednesday- day 10
bought all my Made to Crave "stuff".

Thursday- day 11
this is called please trim your beard, you look like a mountain man.

Friday- day 12
a goat at the barn.

Saturday- day 13- TRUTH I took zero pictures on Saturday so I am using one from Sunday.
closet fix up! before...

Sunday- day 14
closet fix up! After

1 comment:

Carrie Thompson said...

okay well I can't spell WEED= WEEK

and I cant count I should have started with SUNDAY and ended with Saturday-- oh well.. it's the point right! :0)

You KNOW it's going to bug me right!