Monday, January 2, 2012

USS Alabama- the grand tour.

We had stopped at the USS Alabama on our way to Orlando but there was only an hour till closing and with not enough time to tour everything we opted to return on our way back-- even knowing we were coming back Dave and Matt walked the grounds for almost an hour looking at the planes and tanks.

When we arrived for our tour-- which I opted out of (small places, narrow stair cases are not for me- not to mention that the kids would have more fun without my anxiety... :0) Dave ended up only taking Matt and Emily on the tour.

They started out on the USS Alabama and ALL the following pictures were taken by David (some of which he even laid down on the deck of the ship to get the right "angle" for ME--
{{{sigh. be. still. my. beating. heart.}}} true love)

after the ship, they toured a submarine, another building with more planes and stuff and then the rest of the grounds... all in all we spent over 4 hours and Matt could have kept going! 

They didn't even tour all of the ship!  Wow--- Matt was having a blast and Dave was reveling in the Daddy/ Son talk.  Here's to all the soldiers...we salute you.

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