Saturday, September 8, 2012

4h Leadership Camp

Kate had leadership camp for 4h a few weeks ago... it was an ALL DAY LONG event.  We arrived before 8:00 and left after 7:00 and it is an hour each way.  WAY LONG DAY.....

She had a great time.. mom (that's me!) sat back and just let her do her thing.  I visited with my friends, I listened to the parts that pertained to ME as a project leader and I watched Kaitlin...

I have been taking mental notes of all the things I need to work on her about that I sometimes forget to celebrate the things SHE has worked on.

She was very mature and serious.. or at least taking it very serious.  She took notes, she learned, she asked questions...she took care of business!  There are good moments that I keep missing... I need to stop and be happier in the moment!  I know that she can do what she is being asked to.  I know she will need to work on time management.  I know she will gain leadership doing this program and in turn gain confidence and public speaking skills. 

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