Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Week One 2012-2013

{day 30-34}

Truthfully...there is not much to share!  I already showed you pics of our first day, here
We got math, English, our new Bible curriculum set up and first lesson done....
we started our READ THE BIBLE IN A YEAR...which i have determined to do as a priority even over math for instance!  It will get done!  I read it out loud on Wed. but sometimes the kids will do the reading on their own... depends on our day.  Since we have split Bible right now I get the kids together in the morning to start assignments and do anything we need to do together-- we can read then, but some days it just wont work out that way.
I showed the girls their new history and science curriculum...

Kate and Matt accomplished their regular work and on Monday will start their Sonlight Core G.
So easing into things is nice.. but I think I am going to wish for about three more weeks to EASE into things once we get started!  We already had an instance of ME feeling behind in a subject after two days. IS that even possible?  But truthfully it is about shifting the schedule and feeling out how things will work best.  I am sure it will get better after we get in a routine.  And I have left Friday's light on purpose to play catch up!

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