Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of school 2012/2013

Yesterday was the first day of our new school year.  I am excited, but of course overwhelmed....
because it is a Wednesday we will not start all our new subjects until next
 Monday giving us a few days to ease into it....
Today we started with a breakfast.... eggs/ sausage/ cheese casserole and toast (it was supposed to be pancakes instead of toast but I could NOT find my mix and didn't have all the ingredients for scratch-- which I don't know how THAT happened!)  Anyway!
The kids each got a special treat (thank you Pinterest)...
(inside the pencil is a pack of rolo's and a hershey kiss at the top)
Then we had a MARSHMALLOW war!!!!  Fun was had by all!

Here are their first day of school pics! 

But really after lunch we got down to business and got some real schooling done!!!

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Unknown said...

Carrie Elizabeth you are so creative!