Friday, September 14, 2012

Presidents... a play

Tuesday we went to Herman park to watch a theater company called Interactive Theater perform one of their plays for free... it was Presidents.  I have watched this particular performance (or so I thought) a few years ago and really, really enjoyed it!  However, today I must say the script has changed!  I was agag ( and H-Mama can attest to my discomfort to say the least!) at the mis- representations and pretty darn close to all out lies.  They made "us" (conservative, republican- minded folk) look like idiots and "the capitalist regime, NOT for the people, against anything good like bettering humanity, not into REAL science, and not actually doing their job as presidents" was at the butt of every joke!  They were pretty much downright disrespectful towards both Bush's- not to mention Reagan!   I squirmed and sighed and murmured AGHAST at the blatant LIBERAL mumbo jumbo that was being indoctrinated into every child's MINDS during this play!  

Okay now that I have that out....

here are some pretty, pretty pictures!  Well anyway there are pics.

H-mama's youngest got nominated and Voted president!  Proud mama!

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