Saturday, September 22, 2012

NO Soup for you.. well maybe.

Today was our second Keepers of the Faith meeting.  We met for the first time two weeks ago... I am very excited this year to join Brenda from the Family Revised in this group! 
The girls will learn skills like:
making soup,
baking bread,
scrap booking,
 Bible memory,
first aid..
we will visit nursing homes,
make blankets for a shelter,
bring food to friends who need a meal
and lots more!
At the last meeting (Brenda blogged it too)  the girls started their scrapbook we will be making this year
(meeting a badge requirement and great creative way to make memories!)
This week we made soup:  the badge requires alot so we just started it.
Requirements: make all of these
vegetable soup
meat based soup
cream based soup
Today we learned how to make vegetable stock AND a vegetable beef soup--
so we are calling three done!
I am really excited about this club!  The girls had fun and learned a number of things today and these skills we can continue to build on all year long.

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