Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Week 2 2012-2013

{day 35-39}

This has for the most part been a pretty good week...
Now I still have tweaking to do of course and I DO not have our scheduled mastered or have this Sonlight business figured out yet... BUT school is getting done!
Emily and Mary Faith have KNOCKED out some school work let me tell you!
5 math lessons
5 timed tests
4 spelling lessons (and pre- test)
3 history lessons
3 science lessons
1 Latin lessons
3 days of logic
4 days of English
4 days handwriting
copy work/ narration
Each finished a reading book off their list
4 days of Bible- story and note booking pages,
memorized a verse
Next week, we add in All About Spelling again, Typing and IEW (writing).
Emily started her "new" timed tests a few weeks ago and it was a little rocky but, she went from it taking OVER 20 minutes (fussing) to under 12 minutes this week. 
Still not great, but BIG improvement! 
She is working on a note booking page for Bible-- I believe she is drawing the flaming
 sword at the gates of Eden...
Matt and Kaitlin FINALLY realized that I meant what I said that it would be more work!  I think they are in shock this week.. but we have had overall good attitudes!  I am a little worried that Matt is going to get frustrated with the reading schedule (he wants to just sit and read) -- but you have to stick with the schedule.... hard for him to grasp.  They have in the past been able to basically read all the wanted.. at the speed they wanted.  I feel almost as though I am holding them back.  I know it isn't true.. they have plenty of reading to do... it just isn't all SIT AND ENJOY THIS GREAT READ... READING!   Does anyone deal with this?
 It has been a great week.. and minus a few discussion questions we are NOT behind on ONE
single thing! I feel so good and accomplished!  I know it won't happen every week..
but for this week it feels amazing!

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