Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Week 3 2012-2013

{day 40-44}

This was a fabulous week... it was busy, productive and FULL!  But fabulous.
We got a PUPPY! As if y'all didn't already know that!  This is just an excuse to post more pics of her!
those are her sad eyes... she is a tired girl here.
Okay, but we did school too!
The girls started Monday with THREE tests... spelling, memory verse and helping verb list.
They aced them all!  And from there we went to the American Girl Store!
Wednesday we knocked out some science, Bible, math, timed test, spelling, logic, english and latin review.
Thursday we did history...
we also did math, timed test, spelling, english, Bible and started our artist study!
Tuesdays and Fridays we do school without Mary Faith and our day is ordered a little differently...but they still work hard on Tuesdays!  Fridays are a lighter day.
This Friday of course we had Keepers of the Home.
Matt, Kate and Anthony started their IEW this week...
Matt loved it.. he was cackling with glee.. NO joke!  I will take it!

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