Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The American Girl Store Houston, Texas

 We were so excited to have the opportunity to visit OUR new store Monday.  The grand opening was Saturday-- but I wasn't getting in that mess!  I will say it was very crowded for a Monday morning too though!  We had trouble getting a reservation for 4 a few weeks before they even opened!  But luckily Becky managed to snag one....

Our store is located in Memorial City Mall-- my favorite Houston mall, BTW.  It is on the West side of town.  There is an entrance directly to the outdoors--- which is nice if you don't NEED to actually go to the mall!  The valet parking is RIGHT next to it, which is also nice during busy times and it only cost $5.00.. which in light of how much you SPEND when you walk into an American Girl Store... seems like a small penance for curbside service!

From the Bistro you have a wall of windows that looks out into the HUGE area with stone fireplaces and is across from the skating rink.. so that is kind of neat!

The store is small compared to the Dallas (1st trip),  Dallas (2nd trip)  and Chicago stores I have been to, but still really big and of course wonderful to be so close!  American Girls stores have TONS of activities that are FREE throughout the week and weekend.. crafts, scavenger hunts... educational events.  Make sure to check out the store calender!

We shopped and then headed to the Bistro for our reservation.  Each girl gets a "doll" chair for her doll and when you are at the table the dolls get a cup and plate.  Emily was so funny because she reached into her pocket and pulled out 6 plastic cupcakes and gave each doll 3-- she sad SHE BROUGHT food for the dolls!  It was funny that she came prepared, such forethought! 

ON the table are a box of cards with little questions that you can pass and around to ask each other... One of my questions was:

If you could have a 100 lbs of anything (besides gold, silver or jewels) what would it be.

Becky and I decided that grass fed ground beef would be a GREAT thing to ask for!

Our waitress was amazing.. so sweet and kind!  I truly enjoyed just being around her for our lunch!

We shared two appetizers.. one was an artichoke dip (which is AMAZING) and the other is pretzel balls (which are REALLY, REALLY good but expensive for the quantity- and in Dallas they come with a cheese sauce, but only a mustard sauce here.)

Emily and Mary Faith ordered chicken tenders and hot dog plate respectively.. both came with seasoned curly fries and a fruit cup. 

I ordered a spinach/ chicken salad with bacon dressing (BOTTLE IT UP, YUMMY) - -because Mary Faith wanted to have some of it.. so we shared.  Becky ordered a Turkey and Cheese Panini...

Everything was delicious and the service was great.. kind of pricey of course but part of what you are paying for is the experience.  It is fun.. just go prepared!  They do offer an afternoon tea from 2-4.  I plan on trying that with the girls next time.

All in all it was great experience.. one I am sure we will repeat. (just not too often!)


Brenda said...

OK give me a ball park of what to expect for the Bistro or tea price-wise. For realz.

Maxine said...

Just went for the 1st time yesterday!! We loved the experience!!! Purchased #46. Got her a ballet outfit. Also a stand, for my 2 year old to be able to style her hair, as she stands with the support. I can say I am glad I don't live too close to the Store, lol. Jamie was our wonder guide, and she made us feel very special. We had lots of questions. I would like it if they could have better price on all the doll outfits, print out return policy on the receipt, is my dislike. American Girls Dolls need a TJ Maxx or Marshals for their outfits. Thinking of having my 46 Birthday Party there, just so I could experience the birthday partying. LOL,.my birthday in soon. LOL