Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mystery of History- Vol 1.... Week 1

"If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.


Mystery of History- Volume 1 Creation to Resurrection

We started with our PRE-TEST.

Lesson 1- Creation

I used the worksheet from MOH for Lesson 1
and we used this mini creation booklet

also will be using ideas and NOTE BOOKING pages from

Lesson 2- Adam and Eve

Used the MOH worksheet

Lesson 3- Jubal and Tubal Cain
used the MOH worksheet
and watched a few  YouTube videos on Iron pours... 
(turn off volume as there is some cursing that is hard to hear but still.)

We reviewed and made our memory cards-- which are 3x5 index cards that includes a summary of what was learned in each lesson.

We also started our Timeline... Each girl has one and I printed it from Guesthollow...
MOH Yahoo group!

We did our Week 1: Exercise
worked on the days of creation.

We also started our Geography folder for MOH...
our first lesson was the 7 continents (need to work on this)
So huge home school mom fail this week:
We were talking about Egypt and I asked the girls if they could name a river in Egypt.  NOPE.  I was kind of surprised Emily couldn't but anyway, NOPE.  So we went over the NILE river and then I asked about the Euphrates and the " blank", now these we HAD already mentioned AND spoken about them in Bible.  I was not that worried that they didn't remember them but what happened next...

Me: So can anyone remember two other rivers we already spoke about that are part of the fertile crescent?  The Euphrates and the "???"
Mary Faith: The Titanic?
Emily: NO! The Titanic is not a river.. it's an ocean!"
Um no it is NOT an ocean, it's a ship!  The TIGRIS is the river!


We ended with re-doing the PRE-TEST to make sure they remember.  I have also made note cards for each PRE-TEST so will use these for retention and go through them each week along with our

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Brenda said...

So then we were going over Anatomy the next day after you told me this story and guess what the upper arm bone is called?

the Hilarious. :)

I laughed so hard (b/c I was thinking of your story too) that I kind of hurt her feelings. Oops. It was a cute mistake. And it wasn't the 8 year old. :)