Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Menchie's Field trip

Um. yum.  who could pass up a field trip to Menchie's?  learning AND frozen yogurt with toppings... WIN. WIN.

We got to tour the back where they MAKE the wonderful confection healthy treat.... saw the freezers and where they keep the supplies...

Next we learned that Menchie's was started by a Jewish couple from California-- Mench is a yiddish word that means a " a good person" in the male.. so the husband said she was a Menchie.. and the name stuck... All their yogurt is kosher and the store in Bellaire is entirely kosher! 
They do not however have Jewish franchise owners and are still open on holidays... 
 I just thought it was very interesting!
We got to try out the yogurt and of course pose with Menchie herself!
all in all it was a great and filling field trip!

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