Thursday, January 27, 2011

American History---Week 9

We finally started back up with history!   Yeah!

We went back over the 13 colonies.

The kids watched a Drive Through History DVD

We went over the

Sugar Act
Stamp Act
Quartering Act

Boston Massacre

and started talking about The Boston Tea Party

Amy set up a store and the kids got to use their dollars to "buy" stuff.

Then she added a tax to the cost of the goods and the kids had the same amount of money to "buy" and came back to the store.

They witnessed first hand how hard it is to pay high tax!

We showed them what the money of this time period looked like...

Amy read the first chapter of Johnny Tremain.  Which is ONE of my favorite books!

Can you tell the kids were enthused!  :)


Lisa said...

Hmm…those are some pretty excited looking kids. : )

It sounds like a fun history lesson to me!

Mommy of Two said...

Well I would have been enthused, very cool history lesson!