Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up...Week 25

SOOO this week has been better, minus us all having yucky, yucky colds!  I have thought about of the reasons that I had such a hard time the last few weeks.  I feel like even though I don't have a resolution for some of those issues, at least KNOWING what they are makes me feel better!

I was DETERMINED to be purposeful.  REALLY.

I got up every day to accomplish something.  (less with being sick, but still something)
I purposefully got the kids up and encouraged them to accomplish things.

I purposefully got started with school or the activity of the day, meaning I DID something!
So just right there is a HUGE improvement!  Especially with being sick I mean!


Bible----We started with Bible- finished up the story of Ruth.  I had Emily be Ruth and go pick up wheat in the field.  I am going to have her DO a lot.  I figure she will be up and about,  PLUS how much more will she remember the story if she is picking up wheat than coloring a sheet! 

We watched The Story of Ruth, 1960  (Netflix)


FLL2  5 lessons-- we had a lesson on adjectives and wrote a lot of describing words, then I had the kids draw a picture of a cake and write words describing the cake.  After they were done they were able to write a sentence about the cake.


All About Spelling- 4 steps.  I had Emily take the list I printed out for her and spell all the letters with magnetic letters on the refrigerator.  Then we read them all out loud.  Each day we went over the list from the day before.  Then made flash cards of the words- broken into sounded out sections.  I had her put the cards together to make a word, when she made the right word she went and wrote it on the board.  I MEAN I am having her DO!

Writing With Ease- 5 lessons

IEW- Kaitlin continued working on Lesson 4, which she finished earlier than scheduled this week!.
She also took her first vocabulary quiz and aced it!  :)

Matt writing- I again had him pick 20 Lego pieces and write 7 sentences about them.  Here are two of his assignments.


I worked with Emily on her carrying.  Half the problems were right and half the problems were wrong in her last two lessons, so we worked on that.

Whoo hoo only two wrong out of 25!!! We made some definite progress this week!

I put her on the computer to play a computer game also.
She moved onto the next lesson. 
WE also worked on money some more.  I had her be the cashier and make change for me when I checked out!

I have a new favorite math worksheet generator

Matt moved on to the next lesson.
I had Matt do some drills online
He also played on a math website

Kate breezed through to the next lesson
She also worked on drills online
We did some flash cards and did a times drill, just for review.


I had Kate and Matt start reading chapter 9.

We made a model of a neuron

We played two health related games this week.

We also made a model of the parts of the brain. (pre-talking about chap 10 with our science buddies)

I had Emily work on the body puzzle, we also read a few books.

We also watched The Fantastic Voyage.

we started our Read Aloud


I am also reading the Matchlock Gun with Emily.

We also wrote a letter to England-- telling how unfair we feel their taxes are. 


We participated in Sketch Art Tuesday

Something you sketch in science.  THIS worked perfectly for us as we were doing it anyway!

We also started a Valentines count down chain which I got the idea from MOMMY OF TWO.... we are counting down to Valentines week because on Feb. 16 we go on a vacation!


Lisa said...

Sounds like a very active and fun week!

Mommy of Two said...

We modeled parts of the brain in our first general psychology class, lol It was a good ice breaker for us ;)