Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay if you know  the word Pandora, not in relation to a box, you already know what this post is about...

My bracelet.

Oh my... how I heart these bracelets.

The charms are adorable! 

So I have not opened Pandora's box yet.. because you know what happened once the box was opened....

BUT, it doesn't stop me from wanting them.

Now... these are very expensive.  So expensive in fact, I feel sorta stupid for even wanting them!

However... I don't buy clothes or shoes.  I don't get my nails done.  I have stopped crafting for the most part-

I don't spend money on myself hardly ever!

So most likely I wont go out and buy myself a full bracelet!

BUT... I have talked to fellow LOVERS OF THE CHARMS and have acquired knowledge!

My new found information is how to work the PANDORA system.

Number 1:

Pandora is NOT the only name in the game!

ENTER TROLLBEADS AND ETSY! Oh and Chamilia (but is is really as expensive  as Pandora!)

Number 2:

If you buy a bracelet from Pandora then the Trollbeads wont fit, but if you buy a bracelet from Trollbeads then they both fit on the bracelet. Not to mention the cheaper ones from ETSY!  The reason is that trollbeads ends are smaller than Pandora and Chamilia so the beads from trollbeads don't always fit over the ends of the Pandora or Chamilia bracelets.  Plus Trollbeads has a lobster clasp, which is a separate piece from the actual bracelet.

Number 3:

There are certain Etsy dealers who will custom make you the glass beads for VERY inexpensive!

Number 4:

You have to buy beads stoppers that hold the beads onto the bracelet on each end, you can get these cheaper on ETSY

Here is an example of a spacer bead:

Now one of the cool things about Chamilia is that you can design your own on the actual website by dragging the beads of your choice over to a bracelet and you can save it on a wish list!  I made one to show you.. now I have TONS of beads I like better on other websites, but here is an example!

This is a bracelet I designed.. I LOVE the red and zebra beads, the camera at (5:00) is cute but hard to tell it is a camera from this shot, the blue one at (11:00) is another favorite, ! Now here is the catch, this bracelet, the one above, bought from Chamilia would cost me $1180.00  I am not drawn to as much of the bling though, I prefer a lot of the glass beads and I really prefer not to have gold on it at all.

This is more my style and it would be $912.00 with all the Chamalia beads but I still like TONS off of ETSY that are cheaper!!!  For instance some of the at the top of the post are only 4.99 verses 45.99, that is a HUGE difference when you have a whole bracelet of expensive charms and beads!

I would NEVER spend that kindof of money on a bracelet.. just so we are all on the same page!

 This is one of my favorite beads, it is from Trollbeads and is called THREE SIBLINGS... since I have three kids. 

SOOO why have I brought you into world of beads and charms.... because I have a plan!

I want to buy a bead, charm of my choice for every 10 lbs I lose, not the expensive ones but a few starter beads.  When I have lost 50 lbs I get to buy the THREE SIBLINGS charm.  When I have lost 75 lbs I get to buy the bracelet. 

So by the time I have lost 100 lbs I will have

 10 smaller less expensive charms
two nice charm
and the bracelet itself

 I am putting 15 a paycheck into an envelope in my drawer that will be my Charm FUND!  If anyone wants to donate to the charm fund.. FEEL FREE!  :) 

I think we always reward ourselves with FOOD, and I of course cant do that... so I am giving myself something to celebrate my achievements!  Clothes, even new sizes are truly not a reward to me, because there is such a stigma attached to shopping.. OH wow, I have dropped 5 sizes and I am still shopping in a fat store like Lane Bryant!  NOT fun, people.. in fact it is almost detrimental to me! 

Don't get me wrong, it is exciting to get into a new size and a new pair of jeans or a shirt is great and I WILL have to shop, but it isn't the excitement for me as it is other people.

So that's my plan... now all I have to do is keep losing!  Do you think I should maybe get ONE nice bead for the 43 lbs I already lost, even if I have gained some of it back over my whole headache dilemma?  Nah, I will start a fresh page for a fresh year!

What do you "need" to encourage yourself???


Brenda said...

That is really an EXCELLENT plan!!!!

Also, poor Mickey. Right through the old noggin.

aneisa said...

LOVE this post!

thearmychapswife said...

I think you have a great plan there!

Samantha said...

I should have thought of weight goal rewards when I was losing weight! Is it too late?? :D