Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wants....

So I want to call this the year of the house decor.  I am determined to work on my house decor this year!  I don't mean go crazy and spend tons of money... I just mean be creative!  I have been lurking on blogs about decor lately and have got some great ideas- well I am going to incorporate a lot of THEIR great ideas!

We rent our house so everything I want to do will be for the most part-- things I can take with me and incorporate else where if needed.  I will paint MOSTLY tan with a few pops of color here and there, which will be easy to paint over when needed.  A small wall, verses a whole room.  With the exception of the girls room- we will be painting that whole room.

But here are a few things I want to buy... EVENTUALLY.

I want to use this in the dining room- and PAINT.  I also want to put some old silverware in frames of some sort on the wall around this picture.  I think it will be whimsy, which I am in the mood for!

Okay, this isn't for the house.. it is for my neck,
but I LURVE it!  I just want one!

I want these for MY room.. aren't they pretty and I a lover of candles!  I have them burning ALL THE TIME!

I really like this, I think I need it in the school room----somewhere I can REALLY see it! 
It it is two separate pieces , the tiles and the rod. 

I am currently looking through the DIY Parade on the DIY SHOWOFF

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these... SURELY I could sew a square and I like the envelope style so I could use the same pillow insert (which are not cheap)... means less storing too!!!

I have picked out a sampling of colors for a wall in the kitchen.  I think I will do three of walls a brown/ tannish color and do the side wall with the window a splash of color!  Then I will accent around the kitchen with that color.  So the kitchens colors will be black, white, dark tan and jade. (I don't think of this color as jade, but all the color samples say jade for the most part--- so jade it is?)

Here are two real life examples of the color I want....

I like these curtains and think I can easily do these with my stitch witchery! 
They are on one of my favorite new blogs, Felt So Cute (same as the Valentines pillows)

Anyway.. these are just a FEW of the thoughts and idea's swirling around in my head.. there is more to come!


Julie said...

If you get tired of stitch witchery and want a real live sewing machine, I'm your gal. Just give me a call. Have sewing machine will travel!

Lisa said...

Oooh, I really like that rod and tile thing! I like your color scheme ideas too! Happy decorating.

Mommy of Two said...

LOVE it all! I think the whimsy kitchen ideas are really neat :)