Thursday, January 20, 2011

Through the Years Thursday...trip to Austin for Texas History MAY 2009

In May of 2009 we took a trip with my mom to enhance our Texas history study.. We packed so much in to literally 3 days, with HOURS of driving.   But it was worth it and the the kids enjoyed it and were pretty good troopers!  I did not blog about it for some reason-- I was blogging sparadically then I guess!

Fannin monument on site of a Texas Fight for Independanc battle field.

This is Goliad State Park.

This is the kids outside of the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin, which is a FABULOUS museum BTW.. they also have a Texas history 4D IMAX, that is amazing! Really, go if you have a chance!

The Texas State Capitol in Austin.  So beautiful!

This is the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center it is between Austin and San Antoni (closer to Austin) It is sooo beautiful, but hot in May!  We enjoyed visiting, all the plants are native to Texas!

La Bahia Mission.  This was a very neat place to visit, they also had a little movie that was extremely interesting to watch and not too long!

Texas Cultural Museum San Antonio Texas--- we choose this interactive museum over the Alamo (we have visited the Alamo before and all the kids are well aware of it's significance so we choose to DO. 

All in all it was  GREAT trip!  I cant wait to do it again in about 2 years!  We will hopefully do another Texas History unit between finishing up modern history and re starting the Ancients.  Thanks Ma MA for driving!  and making the trip possible in the first place... It was a lot!

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Lisa said...

It looks like it was a great trip! There's nothing better to bring history alive than to visit places like that!