Monday, January 31, 2011

one thousand gifts... a practice in gratitude. (2)

63. flags flying
64.  freshly vaccumed cars
65.  bird decor
66. whip cream out of a can
67.card stock
68.  Our contitution
69. snowmen
70. scarfs
71. wireless printers
72. open windows
73. pictures in black frames
74.  organizations that go out into the World when I cant
75.  StarBucks gingerbread biscotti
76.  things that match
77. laptops
78. hymnals
79. candy corn
80. vanilla scented candles
81. pastors who tell the truth and preach the Word of God
82. a trickling stream- where you can hear the water
83. wearing black
84. a family who dutifully saves their newspaper for my daughter to donate them to the SPCA-- her way of helping
85. lamplight
86. quiet time
87. leaving really early in the morning for a trip
88. savings accounts
89. Hallmark movies
90. dry erase boards
91. John Wayne movies
92. holidays
93. Charmin toilet paper
94. my husband calmness
95. label makers
96. thick socks
97. Sales papers
98. a plethora of organic choices...
99. Christian music on the rado that I can relate to and worship God to
100.  warmed up chili over frito's and cheese on a cold day
101. Sharpies!
102. the envelope system

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