Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things that really, really irritate me...

Have you seen this commercial?

I cannot stand this commercial. So number one in my household girls dont wear SKANKY clothes. AND me the MOM sure as heck does not give DAD the evil eye (like HE IS PATHETIC) because Dad wants his daughter to dress appropiately!

I mean the daughter comes and TELLS on the dad and the mom cleans it for her! Now I understand that the dad shouldnt have RUINED it, but it shouldnt have been allowed to be bought in the first place. I mean I just cannot stand this commercial!

What are your thoughts?


Brenda said...

I saw that the other day at my parent's house. I was pretty horrified.

But that is TV's big thing: men are doofuses and women run the world.

It's a subtle (kind of) message that affects our children. Another reason I'm glad I don't have TV. If I did, I'd spend all my time making running commentary so they would understand the dangerous attitudes displayed on commercials!

Lisa said...

Wow! I showed it to my husband and we were both shaking our heads. Brenda is right--men are usually portrayed on tv as dumb and the women know it all.

What a sad message this commercial glorifies.

aneisa said...

That's awful! I'm glad we don't have cable!

Momma Too Many said...

This commercial makes me soooo mad!!! Number one, instead of speaking with the daughter about the inappropriate clothing choice, he undercuts his own autority by being passive aggressive. Number two, the mother sees nothing wrong with her daughter looking like a street walker and even encourages it, all the while giving the dad dirty looks for his (albeit passive aggressive)attempt to protect his daughter. This is one seriously messed up world we live in!!!