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Weekly Wrap Up--- Week 22

So we all made it through Christmas and New Years. We are full of fresh beginnings and new resolutions. One of our resolutions is to be more purposeful in what we choose to do time wise and school wise. I think choosing to be more purposeful gets me off the resolution HOOK. I mean it sounds so important and serious. But really it is my way of NOT resoluting that I will school every day and do all the work we have chosen curriculum wise for this year! Because we ALL know that will not happen! :)

Sounds good right!

Anyway... we have purposed and attempted to be all "school" this week and STILL ha vent succeeded. I maintain that I "PURPOSE" to do other activities that I feel are important too!

So Monday...

We got up late- MOMMY had a headache (which are getting better but I am not there yet!) Had our first meal on our new GF, DF, CORN free, preservatives free, anything free diet! We are doing an elimination diet... it will not last for ever! But let me tell you it is overwhelming.

I made pancakes, using flax meal as the egg substitute and it was NOT pretty.

 So then we went for the Vans frozen waffles- YUMMO! Breakfast was saved!

We sat at the school table- HOURS late, but we accomplished a lot so that is cool.

We are learning about Gideon , so we watched the Veggie Tale- Gideon movie (movies are ALWAYS a big hit!)

Amazon photo credit

We did all our daily stuff: FLL, FLL3, W with Ease, Spelling, Memory work, LLATL, handwriting.

Emily telling me that she is trying to concentrate, could I " not flash her". 

All the kids did math and Emily did a money file folder game.

This one is where you match up an amount with the coin card.  I printed it in black and white so she could not see what the coins were just by color... It took her longer, but she worked to see which coin was which so it worked out for us!

We worked on catching up in our Anatomy book-- we are behind in our reading and our next class is the 14, so we will be busy science bees the next few days!

The kids made some thank you cards for Christmas presents.  I just had them pick 3 presents to write thank you cards for.  I know that is a bad NO- NO etiquette wise, but I gotta get through a lot of stuff these days!

Memory Work:  We have some new additions to our memory work folder.  I moved all our cards from last semester to other folders.  I have really added too much BUT the kids are good at it if we are diligent to work on it each day,so I think we will be fine. 

"But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be."
1 Cor 12:18

poem: Let Dogs Delight to Bark and Bite, Isaac Watts
we read this poem in FLL a few weeks ago and I really liked it, since we are having an issue with this I added it to our mix.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, that person is a new creation.  The old is gone, the new has come."
2 Cor 5:17

Parts of speech definitions: Articles, prepositions and interjections

" I have hidden your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against you."
Psalms 119:11

Added Isaiah- Hosea to our Books of the Bible

The Lords Prayer- this has been on my list for a LONG time but we are starting it!

The Parts of Speech poem- to reiterate all the definitions we are learning.


We did very little work today, Dave has a really good friend at work and his wife is due with their first little one on the 17th, so we gave him a shower at work.  It was very nice, but I did the shopping, wrapping, baking etc so my Tuesday was all used up! 

For lunch we had a brown rice tortilla (which is from Whole Foods and YUMMO) with soy cheese cooked like a quesadilla, with black beans.  It was good and all the kids ate it, plus Dave so that is a bonus!

When I got home from the shower we went to Whole Foods, to finish my shopping list and straight to gymnastics and tap.

So Matt and Kate got math and EIW done but that is all.  But like I said- the baby shower was important to my hubbie, so it took precedence on this day!

For dinner we had chicken tenderloins, which I dredged in rice milk and covered in rice checks that I had food processed and added seasoning too.  The kids and Dave ate them up!

my asparagus doesn't look very good but it was!!


We got up at the normal time, but still had hard time getting going and chores were not going well!  For breakfast we did Pamela's brand pancakes but I used a banana for the egg substitute and it didn't go over well.  The pancakes didn't seem to get DONE inside and they did taste banana like, Kate didn't mind but Emily and Matt ate waffles!

We sat down for school work- caught up on our two Bible stories, FLL, FLL3, Writing w Ease.... which was nice! 

The kids did math and we started in on our science again!  LOADS of reading!!! 

We left to take Dave back to work and went to the MFAH to sign Kate up for a cartooning class.  DONE!  She got in with two spots to spare!  Yeah!

Came home, got a little more school work done and left for church.

For dinner we had chicken, black beans and rice! 


This is Dave's weird day at work, he has to work from 10-3 in the morning every first Thursday so he sleeps in on Thursday morning (screws with my schedule) and doesn't go into work until after lunch.  Then tomorrow he will sleep in again and go in after lunch on Friday.  TWO DAYS OF YUCK SCHEDULE!
For someone who is trying desperately to keep a SEMBLANCE of a schedule, this is no fun.  BUT really remember the purposefulness (is that even a word)....Daddy will catch us up on math grading before he leaves today!  I purposed that all right!

So we worked on our theme this week which was WINTER.  I had other things planned but "STUFF" took precedence and my themes are extra!  So it the first thing I will drop if busy.  But today we took a little time to do some painting and used Epsom salt to crystallize the painting like snow. 

We also read the The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor

We FINALLY got the rest of the Christmas decor out. I have a few "winter" decorations out still but the tree is down.  Sniff, sniff!

We ended up at the park-- it was such a nice day and we have not been outside much lately so we headed OUT on our little walk!  The kids were so excited!

We made our GF pizza for dinner, I cooked up hamburger meat for our topping since we all enjoy hamburger pizza.  We didn't use any tomato sauce, though.  I just spread olive oil on the crust and let that cook then added the soy cheese and hamburger topping.

It did not go over the best, however we will give another brand a try!

Daddy is home again, but I MADE myself get up to get the day going on time!  Usually when daddy sleeps in we all sleep in and that might have happened if I hadn't missed schooling on Tuesday but I am being purposeful remember!

We had egg yolks and waffles for  breakfast- yes I bought stock in Vans Waffle Company! 

The kids chores went better today, I will talk more about chores in another post because well it is a WHOLE other post!

We got school going....but had a short day to do science and history!

We worked on our science lesson a little bit more... we are SLOWLY catching up.  The very sad things is that I still have to go over more material next week than I did this week!

We also did our Harmony Art Mom: Sketch Tuesday assignment for next week.  I find I don't always get it done on Monday so we will pre do for the next week!  The assignment was something that starts with the letter T.

My sister and niece came over for history-- we are working on the states before we start our next phase of American history: End of French and Indian war through Washington becoming first president.

My sister in law Deanna showed up and brought her trusty stethoscope for the kids to listen to heart beats.  Which is our lesson in science we are on... nice having an EMT in the family!

And that is a wrap up friends! 

Go see what everyone else did for their wrap ups at weird, unsocialized homeschoolers.

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Wendi said...

We recently found out that our youngest ds is slightly allergic to dairy and eggs so I had to search for some new dairy free and egg free recipes...I found one pancake recipe that even my dh and oldest ds love {no allergies} on this website

She is not always gf or corn free...but she does often give suggestions for those :)