Thursday, January 6, 2011

The next 6 weeks of my life...

So lesson planning commenced last week!  It was like 87.2222% done.  Don't ask me how I came to THAT exact number~

I started with a FRESH lesson planning sheet.

And I began to think....something that irratates me about my lesson planning sheet is having to write the days, numbers, subject titles every week... I just want it to be done and FILL in the necessary information.  BUT I mean I have a perfectly good lesson plan book that has served me well all year so far.

OH NO... I couldn't leave it alone though.

So I decided I don't know why--- to write the subjects in permanent sharpie.  I really liked it, I mean I could see them clearly and I just liked it, I mean you know how I love sharpies!   UNTIL I looked on the next week and it had bled through.

WELL now I HAVE to have a new lesson plan book--- I mean the OLD one is ruined!

So I looked on Donna Young.  I knew WHAT I wanted I just wanted to tweak what I had!  And I found it, MOSTLY!

 It is too small and it IS going to annoy me, but until I get annoyed with THIS one, it will do!  I typed in all my info and just have to fill in blanks as I go!  So my lesson plans for the next 6 weeks minus the other 12.79% that I have to do, like order library books and a few crafts/ art stuff is DONE!

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