Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Book Club-- Mary Poppins...

This book club truly was 


We really had a great time!

I made the girls Mary Poppins hats...

Of course they needed to eat a spoonful of sugar -- (white icing mound dipped in sprinkles) 

Kaitlin painted each of the girls a Mary Poppins clothespin doll.. Soooo cute!

We made chalk drawings... We have quite a few little artists!

Of course we had a tea party-- but we were boring and just stayed on the ground floor! 

All the girls!!!  

We learned about a few places to visit in London and their history...!

Big Ben
The Tower of London
London Bridge
Westminster Abby
Buckingham Palace

And the River Thames

We learned a bunch of fun British terms!!

Snot- is a crusted dragon
fart -a puff
Dancing- knees up
Goodbye- cheerio
Plus MANY more!! There were a lot of giggles!!

We learned a little about the time period of 1910--

In America Howard Taft was president and Thomas Edison just invented the walkie talkie! 

Like I said.... The party was practically perfect in every way!

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