Monday, February 17, 2014

The Great Complaint...

I sat in a group of 8 ladies yesterday.. and while these are not "Debbie Downer" types and I don't know that I have HEARD them complain like this before.. yesterday was like a FESTIVAL OF COMPLAINTS...

I blame it on the time of year.  Even for seasoned veterans (which a number of these ladies have graduated kids from COLLEGE)... this time of year weighs on us. 

We are over the mid year hump (freaked out about what we HAVE not accomplished). 

Our awesome schedule we made on September first has not been used since since September 30. 

It is really time to be evaluating what has and has not worked so we can start planning for next year.

Decision time is coming up in the next two months for sign up for next year (co-ops, music classes, museum classes, summer camps etc)

The kids have the winter blues (and we really don't even HAVE winter here, I can't imagine home schoolers in WINTER)

We are realizing all the FUN we had planned to incorporate into our learning.. just flew out the window and we are simply trying to get the basics squeezed in!

We realize we have "x" amount of years left with each child.. which induces panic attacks.

We compare ourselves to where others are at-- during this introspective check list- we find ourselves greatly lacking.

It is a scary time.. now rest assured.. once the fear, anxiety, hand wringing, mid- year curriculum changes, schedule re-vamping and QUIET TIME WITH JESUS happens.. we are pretty good until May (that is when it truly hits us that our scheduled stop date is NOT GOING to happen)

BUT in the interim... we all complain, and research and come to great mind- blowing conclusions.

I am nearly over my: fear, anxiety, hand wringing, mid- year curriculum changes, schedule re-vamping and onto the QUIET TIME with JESUS part

I truly should START with that part!

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