Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday, Tuesday... catch up blogging

Kaitlin is so many things... She is brilliant, kind, talented, beautiful, wise (usually), thoughtful... I could go on and on.  BUT sometimes I almost forget she is a kid.  She is 15.  She hasn't had a ton of experience dealing with what we will call the "outside" world.  Out of the bounds of MOM AND DAD are in charge.  But we are working on it and feel like she is learning lessons all the time!

 Dec 2009

Well last Tuesday she learned a big one.

She is taking sign language at a deaf church across town.. in a not so great part of town.

It is at night so its dark in the parking lot--- you get the picture.

I was going to drop her off--- watch her get safely inside and run to get Emily something to eat.  But when I got there I saw two cop cars sitting parked in the driveway.  I called Dave and he said they weren't there last week and it really concerned me that something was wrong- or extra unsafe.  So I got her inside and went over to the police officer and he explained that the HPD meets with the deaf community every other month and has a get together-- they teach a lesson, then have a fellowship time.  VERY awesome!  So the officer invited Emily and me inside to the meeting, so we joined them.

April 2010

ALL that to get to this... at 8:30 when Kates class was over she WENT OUTSIDE to look for me.

Yeah.  I had a conniption, then Dave had another one later!

We had this big talk about how dangerous it was, she had a phone, she should communicate from inside the building blah, blah, blah.

In the end we told her she had to write 2 paragraphs on WHY SHE SHOULDNT HAVE COME OUTSIDE.

So this is what I received from her a few days later.  WEIRDO.

Q: Should I have stepped outside:

Objection 1: I should have stepped outside of the Wood haven Baptist Deaf Church because I could see our red van.

Objection 2: The parking lot consisted of people I knew from my class.

Objection 3. Believing in the Lord and believing that the steps of men are pre ordained and known to the Lord, it can be argued that I was pre-ordained to step outside of the building in accordance to the Lord's will, if only to understand a lesson.

Dec 2011

Reply to Objection 1: I had to step away from the door to see the van.  I should never have stepped outside in the first place whether I saw our van or not but should have contacted mom and waited for instructions from inside (inside was underlined).

Reply to Objection 2:  I have only know the people of my class for two weeks and know little to nothing of their character.

Reply to Objection 3:  While I believe the Lord DOES know all and knows the steps of men, I also believe in the factor of free will in men, meaning I acted of my own will.

Oct 2012


Stepping outside the building was wrong.  I should have stayed inside of the church and waited for instructions via the phone.  While not in direct disobedience to spoken directions, common sense would have detected unspoken directions and followed them.



She handed me a second paper that she said were just two real paragraphs in case the first thing didn't go over well.  Ya think?

Nov 2013

So we were over at my sisters when she handed this in and Amy of course got in on the chiding for having gone outside anyway!  So Amy said to Kaitlin, "What WOULD you have done if something HAD happened when you were outside."  Kaitlin replied, "Well I would have screamed..."  and she stopped and cocked her head and slowly AS YOU SEE TRUTH DAWNING LIKE A LIGHT FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE..... She said, "The other people outside were deaf, they couldn't have heard me scream."

Feb 2014

AND LESSON LEARNED, right there.

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First of all, freak. Agreed. :)

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