Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Feb 3-7

Okay.. I am officially caught up!  Hope you didn't miss any if you are reading from a blog roll!

This past week has been very hectic and full!  and not extremely productive on the school side-- things got done, but it was a very light week!


choir as usual--

The kids, well Kate and Matt are studying for their unit test over the first 10 weeks.  IT is a 5 page test, with an essay.  They have simply NOT taken a test like this yet!  I am nervous and excited to see how they do.  We have spent a couple of days simply learning WHAT we need to study?  How we pick out whats important etc.  We have been reviewing all our people cards and going over TRYING desperately to hammer dates into our brains (and apparently our timeline books are GOING to become a priority)


Matt had PT.

We spend a fair amount of time in the car both on Monday AND Tuesdays... with driving to Houston and all over town, both days.  Matt doesn't do the best reading in the car so he loses a lot of time... I am taking the time to get different cards and FIND cards on an APP called Quizlet.  There are already a lot of his lists on the APP. I am filling in what else is needed.  That way he CAN spend time doing review without reading an incredible lot.  We will see if this helps?  Plus it will help as they review for their upcoming tests the rest of the year.

Kate had art.

She finished this still life.. some parts were really good, while others she said were just really hard.  It was really her first still life-- and I told her to feel pretty good about it!  I love the doll in the middle!

Next week she starts a self portrait with chalks... she is pretty nervous and unsure of herself.  The class is pushing her boundaries, which is good!

We went to Starbucks during art before meeting a friend at her house... 

and then Kate had sign class.

Of course you already heard ALL ABOUT sign class this week!  :0)

We got home and watched the Ken Ham/ Bill Nye Creation Debate!!!


This was the day we went to THE GIVER... which was tons of fun.  But after the play we all met to eat at The Hobbit Hole... don't ask me HOW we have missed going to the restaurant so far, it has been on our list forever and it just came together this week.  So the kids had a great time and Kate certainly enjoyed all the artwork on the walls!


Matt had PT.

We came home and did school for a little while.

Then we left for our Bayshore Homeschool group... 

This is Emily concentrating so she CAN go to BSCH!!!

then came home and headed out to Arcola to pick up a treadmill from my Mother-in-Love's house...
to help with Matt's PT. 


Wake up at 7:00

breakfast and started our day at 8:00

PT at 9:00-10:00

My Ladies LUNCH OUT at 11:00-12:30

errand and back home to do a little school and Keepers of the Home at 2:00-5:00

and back home to get the kids settled and hand out assignments and left for my OTHER GIRLS NIGHT OUT at 5:30.

Got home at 11:00 with another kid in tow and got to bed after 12:00


I hardly have ANY pictures from the ENTIRE week!  I will try very hard to do better next week!  I really want these pics and sums up for my own memory and a way to keep track of things.

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