Monday, February 24, 2014

Math -- fun or not?

I think that math cannot possibly always be fun!  However I am finding the need to give Emily some fun.

For one-- she is just really frustrated with DOING math.  Not because it's too hard. Not because she cannot do the work.  Just because to her, right now it feels like drudgery.  Which it kindof it, I guess! 

So I am going to attemp to add in math games. This hart ever works for us long term-- because often we are barely treading water on what needs to be done and what I want to get done--- doesn't make the cut.  So attempt being the key word in my sentence! 

I have pinned so many math games and hands on ideas. I have also gathered a number of "fun" workbooks and some math computer games!

Here are a few I plan to incorporate. 

Math blaster app

It is 4.99 but we have always had good luck with Mathblaster and I think Matt will play it too... 

This is 1.80 from Teachers Pay Teachers and I think she will like the Minecraft angle.

We are going to start a math journal-- where she can keep formulas, concepts, definitions etc.  This might also seem like drudgery to her sometime but it will be cutting and pasting-- something different and I think she will soon see the benefit of her hard work! 

One of our pages will include this from Pintetest!

This game plus others from Math File Folder Games

I think she might really like this one.

This is another one from Teachers Pay Teachers  and it's 3.00 but it would include logic too-- playing double duty makes me more willing to spend money on it.  She loves puzzles! 

This site is called Nerd Family which is fitting.  Lol

We might all have fun March 14 because it's National Pi Day!!

And lastly LIVING MATH BOOKS and another

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