Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, Saturday... catching up blogging

Whew... almost caught up!

I had the privilege of staying home ALL DAY SATURDAY.  It is always so nice and it was the first time in a while-- I had last weekend that I had no real agenda, but still had errands and such... but yesterday I went NO WHERE! 

Dave took Matt and a friend to see the new LEGO MOVIE-- which they said was great!

The girls and I stayed home and worked on the house... they had a bunch of lazy hours. It was a pretty good day.

Although the reason it was the best day of the week is not because Emily had such a great day-- but because she basically had ZERO responsibilities on her.  I did have her fold laundry while she watched TV... I am not a fool.  :0)

But truthfully I needed a day without confrontation.  A day without having to FIGHT.  A day without having to convene or manage.

I cleaned... I got a HUGE stack of stuff outside -- that I refused to bring back into the house, Dave put it in the van and I will drop if off at its various NEW HOMES over the next week.

After the movie.. Dave left to go work on a project and Matt ended up going home with his friend, so it really WAS just the girls and I again! 

I finished my wreath I was making for Valentines Day-- yes it gets to hang up for like 7 whole days!

It was a pretty calm day overall-- Dave got home around 8:00.  The girls went to their rooms around 10 and Dave and I got to watch a few of our TV shows... yeah!

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