Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday, Thursday... catching up blogging

This week Matt had therapy and they kicked it up a notch...

He started using the bench press.

and they upped his reps for most of his exercises.

At one point after the bench press, his therapist asked how he felt and Matt replied that His arms actually hurt.  The therapist replied, "Collateral Damage".  I had to explain that to Matt.  :0)

Matt's endurance has improved a lot! He is walking better--- unless he is really distracted or very tired.

We are shifting from going 3x a week to therapy to 2xs a week (which is nice schedule wise) but still doing it 2-3x a day...

So right now it is definitely something that is eating at our time! 

We started out 1with 12 sessions and we are on number 9, but he has asked for 4 more.  :0(   So going to 2 a week means we have 4 more weeks of this.  SIGH. 

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