Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Fest.... choir fundaiser

We were pretty much at Springfest all day on Saturday-- left at 10:30 and got home after 7:00.  I usually hate being gone all day for stuff like that, but really I like so many of these people that it was easier!  I just really love some of our choir family!!

We all had our parts to play, helping with set up, auction, making and bringing cake goods, performing in the Talent show, working the sound booth and of course clean up!  It was a long day!

Emily and I worked VERY hard on these goodies to bring for the bake sale-- they ended up diving them up and auctioning half of them and selling the rest.

Kate was in charge of the silent auction... she did a great job.  At one point I said, STOP, BREATH.... you are running around but not accomplishing much and she stopped, breathed and then went about her business.  It is an art to learn how to manage things and people!  It takes doing and experience.. this was her first event really and I was very proud of her!


Here is Dave in his element... the sound booth.  He was happy.

and the girls performing...

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