Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keepers Tea Party!!!

The girls have worked so hard on this tea party!! It was finally here!

  On Wed they went shopping. We paired the girls up, gave them their list and sent then to shop!

They did pretty good! 


We had to make all the food...

Sandwiches cut into triangles
Grape kabobs
Cookie treat 

We attempted colored popcorn but it was a fail.  It was part Pinterest fail/ recipe fail and part Carrie and Brenda fail!!!

The girls set a beautiful table!

They had name plates, placemats and color sheets for all the girls!

When the girls began arriving-- our girls welcomed them, took their coats, have them their corsages...

Here they were impatiently waiting our first guest!!

After we started.. The girls each took turns speaking about ettiqutte.

*how to act at the table
*how to use your napkin
*how to pass food and say no to things you don't like

They taught them how to pour the tea--

And then it began!  Our beautiful little guests did such a great job!! Asking to pass things, napkins in their lap, elbows off the table...

After they ate we used the conversation flowers the girls made to get a wonderful conversation going!!

The girls had such a nice time-- one of our guests even brought a hostess gift which was so thoughtful!!

After all was done and the last guest had gone we sat the girls down to go over how they thought it went and then Brenda an I smashed them with confetti eggs-- because that's how we roll!!  We told them there is a time for being prim but ya gotta let loose too!!

They did a great job!! I am so proud of them!! 

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