Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Sum up: Feb 10-14

Truthfully.. Beyond what happened in the past 6 posts... It was just school and life as usual!

On Monday-- Kate and Emily tried out for the choir Spring fest... A talent show/ fundraiser for is this coming Saturday!

On Tuesday-- Matt had PT as usual and next week they are doing a revaluation and he might be released!!! I have mixed feelings, will be glad to redeem my time and money-- but he is still limping fairly often so I know we will still have to be diligent to do the therapy at home..

On Wednesday--- I got to go have coffee with H-Mama!!!

Who is too busy to blog but stays relevant on Instagram and occasionally Facebook! 

Lol.  I stole her Instagram to me!!!!

We had a great time!!! 

On Thursday--- was the skate party and we got school done--- the older two are studying for their first big TEST!! 

A unit study over 10 weeks!

Silly girl!!

On Friday--- we just loved on each other all day long!!!

This is my shout-out to Dave... My dear hubbie!!!


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Sarah Frederick said...

WOW she looks like Deanna in that picture!