Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday, Wednesday... catch up blogging. The Giver by Lois Lowry

Today we went to see The Giver play at Main street Theater... they did a terrific job!

If you haven't read the book--- I encourage you to go do it.  There is such sadness and disbelief that "our" world-- well the world we know now.. could ever become such a place!  But while we have never gone to this length, there have been multiple times in history, in various parts of the world that people have gone to extremes.  AND we have allowed it to happen.

So I believe that beyond studying history (those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it) we need to think about the NOW and what our society is doing, is capable of and the direction we are moving.

This country is going in a bad direction!  I believe that God is in control.  I believe that there are cycles in history where things gets bad, bad, bad and then there is revival.. and the cycle goes on, but it is still hard to imagine that things have been this bad. ALTHOUGH they have, multiple times.

I think because of our technology and knowledge that MORE people have makes it looks worse.  We SEE it happening.

We see the result of gene mapping and DNA manipulation--

* parents aborting fetuses that have a Down Syndrome gene
* parents choosing the sex, eye color, etc of a baby
* sperm banks that allow you to "choose" perfection
*stem cell research

We see the results of MEMORY--inability to study the past

*textbooks "leaving" out historical events
*whole countries acting as if historical events didn't happen (hello Holocaust)
*revisionist thinking

We see the results of SAMENESS---

*all roads lead to God mentality
*equality issues (feminism, money, Affirmative Action, School uniforms, Common Core)
* redistribution of wealth
* United Nations (One World Order)
* less recognition or encouraging of innovation
*intolerant tolerance towards Christianity (shaming us into a shared mentality of belief system)
*tolerance in general (shaming us into believing or approving things we don't believe in)

We see the results of LOSS OF CHOICE---

*over regulation by government
*health care inability to decide for ourselves
* parenting (loss of parental control to choose for our kids)
*Home Owners Associations
*misuse of separation of church and state-- religious intolerance
*abuse of number of laws

*Patriot Act
*overreach of judges
* again regulations (where you can stand, when you can smoke, what you should drink and eat)
*gun control
*social services
*health care (i.e. doctors asking do you have running water, do you wear seat belts, do  you have gun in home etc.)
* parents unable to be in with daughters for exams (no laws for minors on abortion etc)
*limit of births (not here currently)

We see the results of

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