Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Sum up: Feb 17-21


Choir day with a flair!

Don't you always do English in pearls and a little black dress!

Chorale had a dress up day.  :0)


We actually got to STAY HOME until 3:00 that is...

Well besides therapy--- but Matt graduated and we celebrated with Chick Fil A

We got work done and then left for art and sign.

Wednesday... The epic Mary Poppins tea party!


Our wonderful field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science!!!

Kaitlin signed the book at the exhibit!


We started our day with an early Keepers meeting with breakfast!!!


And worked REALLY hard on school the whole rest of the day!!

Movie night that evening! 

We watched a short show with Emily and send her to bath and bed and introduced Kate and Matt to STARGATE.  An oldie but really anything with James Spader is cool in my book.  (yes, Brenda, I love the 80's)

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